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Sisal Magical Town

Fishermen’s Port

What is Sisal Pueblo Mágico?

Sisal is a charming coastal town that, with its white sandy beaches, rich history, and beautiful colonial architecture, becomes a Magical Town.

Sisal is an ideal tourist destination for those seeking to escape the hustle and bustle of the city and enjoy an authentic experience in a natural and cultural environment.

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The small town of Sisal has been designated as one of the Magical Towns of Mexico since December 1, 2020. It belongs to the municipality of Hunucmá.

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What is the history of Sisal?

Sisal is not just a charming coastal city; it also has significant historical importance. In the 19th century, Sisal was the main port of Yucatán, making it economically crucial for the region’s development.

Today, visitors to Sisal can explore the remnants of its past through historical sites such as the Fuerte de Sisal (Fort of Sisal), which protected the city from pirate attacks.

Magical Town

Why visit Sisal Magical Town?

Visiting Sisal Magical Town offers several reasons to do so. It is a popular tourist destination known for its beautiful beaches and rich history. Visitors can admire the colonial architecture of the city, visit the Church of San Francisco de Asís, and explore the Fuerte de Sisal, a fortress built in the 19th century to protect the port from pirate attacks.

The name of the town comes from the sisal plant (Agave sisalana), a fibrous plant from which “sisal” was extracted, a material used for making ropes and cords.


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Where is Sisal located?

Sisal is located 53 kilometers northwest of Mérida, the capital of the state of Yucatán, in the municipality of Hunucmá. In the past, it was also known as Santa María de Zizal.

Sisal on the Mayan Train Route

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Flamingos in Sisal Magical Town
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Fortress of Sisal in Sisal Pueblo Mágico.
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What are the festivities of Sisal Pueblo Mágico?

Sisal is a tranquil town located on the coast of Yucatán, so it does not have many festivities throughout the year. However, the ones that exist are highly representative of the local culture and traditions, making them worth visiting and experiencing.

festival of the veda sisal magical town

Festival of the Fishing Ban

During February 4th to March 26th, the Festival of the Grouper Fishing Ban takes place. This festival promotes the protection of natural resources and responsible fishing. Throughout the nearly two months of the festival, there are over 250 simultaneous activities in various ports, aimed at promoting sustainable tourism and revitalizing the economy of the communities. The festival culminates on March 25th and 26th in Sisal.

pilgrimage of the black christ sisal magical town

Pilgrimage of the Black Christ

It is a religious and cultural event that takes place annually on the last Sunday of August. The Black Christ is carried from the church of Hunucmá to Sisal, where it remains for a month. More than 200 boats participate in the sea pilgrimage with the Christ leading the way.

Tourist attractions

What to do in Sisal Magical Town?

Sisal is an ideal place to relax and enjoy nature. Here are some attractions you can experience during your visit to Sisal:

Visit the beach

Visit the beach

Do water activities

Do water activities

Tour the city

Tour the city

Visit the Fort of Santiago

Visit the Fort of Santiago

Observe the fauna and flora

Observe the fauna and flora

Take a kayak tour

Take a kayak tour

Taste the local gastronomy

Taste the local gastronomy

Take a fishing tour

Take a fishing tour

Excursions and Observation

Highlighted activities in Sisal Magical Town

In Sisal, it is recommended to enjoy the beach, engage in water activities 🚣, and take a stroll through the Pueblo Mágico.

Cienega de sisal magical town

Visiting the Ciénega de Sisal

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Boat tours

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Bicycle rides


Beach in Sisal Magical Town

Sisal is known for its beautiful beach, which is ideal for spending a day of relaxation and enjoying the sun and the sea. However, if you wish to explore other nearby beaches, here are some options:

chuburná port

Chuburná Port

progreso port

Progreso Port

celestún beach

Celestún Beach

Archaeological wealth

Archaeological Sites in Sisal

Although Sisal itself does not have significant archaeological sites, there are some important sites in the nearby region that you can visit to learn about the rich history of the Mayan civilization. Here are some of them:

Chichen Itza archaeological site

Chichén Itzá

Dzibilchaltún archaeological site


uxmal archaeological site


What tours are available in Sisal?

some travel agencies in Sisal Magical Town

ziz ha tour sisal travel agency

Ziz Ha Tours Sisal


magico sisal tours travel agency

Sisal Mágico Tours


Where to stay in Sisal Yucatan?

Some Hotels in Sisal Magical Town

casa balam hostel

Casa Balam Hostel


el faro Hotel

“El Faro” Hotel


la casona de sisal Hotel

La Casona de Sisal


Where to eat in the Port of Sisal?

Some Restaurants in Sisal Magical Town

muelle of sisal Restaurant

Muelle de Sisal


la palapa de don mauro restaurant in sisal magical town

La Palapa de Don Mauro


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Sisal on the Mayan Train Route

Sisal is undoubtedly an unmissable tourist destination on the Tren Maya route, and it showcases the rich culture, history, and natural beauty that Mexico has to offer. Don’t hesitate to visit this charming Pueblo Mágico on your next trip to the state of Yucatán!