Tapijulapa waterfall Magical Town

Tapijulapa Magical Town


What is Tapijulapa Magical Town?

Tapijulapa is a Magical Town known for its picturesque charm and peaceful atmosphere. It is nestled in the mountains of the Tabasco Sierra, surrounded by lush vegetation and crystalline rivers that flow through its cobblestone streets.

Tapijulapa is attractive for its traditional architecture, with buildings dating back to the 18th century.

Tapijulapa Magical Town

The small town of Tapijulapa was designated as one of the Magical Towns of Mexico on June 9, 2010. 🎂

Tapijulapa Magical Town Church


What is the History of Tapijulapa?

The history of Tapijulapa dates back to pre-Hispanic times when the region was inhabited by Chontal indigenous groups.

During the colonial period, Tapijulapa was founded by the Spanish in the 16th century and established as an encomienda, a system where indigenous people were forced to work for the Spanish colonizers.

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Why Visit Tapijulapa Magical Town?

Tapijulapa will offer you the opportunity to enjoy a unique combination of natural beauty, colonial architecture, cultural experiences, tranquility, and local cuisine. If you are looking for a picturesque and authentic destination, Tapijulapa is an excellent choice.

Tapijulapa is known for its artisanal tradition, especially in the crafting of palm weavings and ceramic objects.


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5th and 6th centuries


Where is Tapijulapa located?

Tapijulapa is located in the southeastern region of Mexico, situated in the Tabasco Sierra, a mountain range in the southeastern part of the state. It is approximately 60 kilometers southeast of Villahermosa, the capital city of Tabasco.

Tapijulapa on the Mayan Train Route

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Tapijulapa Magical Town
Tapijulapa Botanical Garden
Villa Luz Tapijulapa Magic Town Waterfall
Oxolotán Tapijulapa
Sardina Ciega Cave Tapijulapa
Kolem Jaá Tapijulapa Ecological Reserve


What are the Festivities of Tapijulapa Magical Town?

In Tapijulapa, Magical Town, various festivities are celebrated throughout the year. Some of the notable festivities include:

Festival of Santiago Apostle in Tapijulapa

Feast of Santiago Apóstol

On July 25th, the Day of Santiago Apóstol, the patron saint of Tapijulapa, is celebrated. During this religious festivity, processions, masses, and special events are held in honor of the saint.

Ritual of the Blind Sardine in Tapijulapa

Ritual of the Blind Sardine

It takes place on the Sunday after Easter Week, in one of the caves of the Villa Luz Ecological Reserve. It is one of the most important rituals performed in honor of the gods of rain, water, earth, and the moon, seeking fertility of the land and abundance of fishing.

Anniversary as Magical Town of Tapijulapa

Anniversary as a Magical Town

Activities including a gastronomic and artisanal corridor, ancestral rituals, traditional music, street performances, and the sale of local products take place on June 11th and 12th.

Tourist attractions

What to do in Tapijulapa Magical Town?

Tapijulapa offers a variety of activities and places to visit. Here are some recommendations on what to do in Tapijulapa:

Taking a boat ride along the Oxolotán River in Tapijulapa Magic Town

Take a boat tour along the Oxolotán River

Visiting the Garden of God's Botanical Garden in Tapijulapa Magical Town

Visit the Botanical Garden of God

Visiting the Temple of Santiago Apóstol in Tapijulapa Magic Town.

Visit the Temple of Santiago Apóstol

Downtown Tapijulapa Magical Town

Explore the city center

Taking a bath in the Cascada de Villa Luz (Villa Luz Waterfall) in Tapijulapa

Take a swim in the Villa Luz Waterfall

Exploring the Kolem Jaá Ecological Reserve.

Explore the Kolem Jaá Ecological Reserve

Exploring the Cueva de la Sardina Ciega (Blind Sardine Cave) in Tapijulapa

Explore the Cave of the Blind Sardine

Buying wicker handicrafts in Tapijulapa Magical Town

Buy wicker crafts

Strolls and relaxation

Highlighted activities of Tapijulapa, a Magical Town

In Tapijulapa, it is recommended to explore the town, visit the natural parks, and try the local cuisine.

Stroll in the center of Tapijulapa Pueblo Mágico

Take a stroll in the center of Tapijulapa

Villa Luz Natural Park in Tapijulapa

Visit the Villa Luz Natural Park

Taste the Pishul Pizza Tabasqueña

Taste the Pishul (local dish)


Beach in Tapijulapa Magical Town

Tapijulapa is located in the Sierra Tabasco, a mountainous region in the state of Tabasco, Mexico, and does not have nearby beaches.

Riqueza Arqueológica

Archaeological sites in Tapijulapa

In Tapijulapa, there are no known significant archaeological sites. However, in the state of Tabasco, there are several archaeological sites of cultural and historical importance that you may consider visiting. Some of the nearby archaeological sites include:

Sitio Arqueológico de Comalcalco Tabasco


Archaeological Site of La Venta Tabasco

La Venta

Archaeological Site of Moral-Reforma Tabasco


What tours are available in Tapijulapa?

Travel agencies in Tapijulapa Magical Town

Tapijulapa Eco Aventura-T

Tapijulapa Eco Aventura-T


Sierra Zoque Adventure And Rural Tourism

Sierra Zoque Turismo De Aventura Y Turismo Rural


Xperiencias Desafío Travel

Xperiencias Desafío


Where to stay in Tapijulapa, Tabasco?

Hotels in Tapijulapa Magical Town

Tapijulapa House

Tapijulapa House


Los Portales Hotel

Los Portales Hotel


Tapijulapa Magical Town Panoramic

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Tapijulapa on the Mayan Train route

In summary, Tapijulapa is a destination that combines breathtaking natural landscapes, charming colonial architecture, and a rich local culture. It is the perfect place for those seeking tranquility, beauty, and an authentic experience in the state of Tabasco.