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Maní Magical Town

The place where everything happened

What is Maní Magical Town?

Maní is a Magical Town located in the state of Yucatán, known for its rich history, culture, and traditions.

With its colonial architecture, rich culinary tradition, and Mayan heritage, Maní offers visitors an unforgettable experience and a vibrant showcase of Mexico’s cultural diversity.

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Maní has been recognized as one of the Magical Towns of Mexico since December 1, 2020. 🎂

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What is the history of Maní Magical Town?

The history of Maní dates back to the pre-Hispanic era when it was an important ceremonial and commercial center for the ancient Maya civilization. During this time, it was ruled by the cacicazgo (chiefdom) of Maní de Tutul Xiú and served as a ceremonial site where offerings were made for the annual festival honoring Kukulcán.

Fray Diego de Landa established an Inquisition tribunal in Maní, Yucatán. He conducted the “Act of Faith,” during which a considerable number of sacred images, objects, and Maya codices were incinerated as part of the Franciscan movement to convert the indigenous people to Christianity.

Route of Convents

Why Visit Maní Magical Town?

The combination of history, culture, gastronomy, and natural beauty makes Maní a charming destination for those who wish to explore the region and have an authentic experience.

Maní was the site of one of the most significant episodes of evangelization in Mexico. The Franciscan friar Diego de Landa burned a large number of Maya books and codices in an attempt to eradicate indigenous beliefs.


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Where is Maní Magical Town located?

Maní is located 90 kilometers away from the City of Mérida, the capital of the State of Yucatán, in the municipality of the same name.

Maní on the Mayan Train Route

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What are the Festivities of Maní Magical Town?

Maní is a peaceful town, so it doesn’t have many festivities throughout the year, however the ones that exist are very representative of the local culture and traditions, making it worthwhile to visit and experience them.

Coronation of the Virgin of the Assumption Maní Magical Town

Coronation of the Virgin of the Assumption

The Virgin of the Assumption is a revered figure in the Catholic religion, and her assumption into heaven is celebrated from August 15th to August 24th every year.

Virgin of Candelaria Maní Magical Town

Virgin of Candelaria

From December 27th to January 3rd, the festivities in honor of the Virgin of Candelaria take place.

Tourist attractions

What to do in Maní Magical Town?

Maní is an ideal place to relax and enjoy nature, here are some attractions you can experience during your visit to Maní:

Visit the Church of San Miguel Arcángel Mani Magical Town

Visit the Church of San Miguel Arcángel

Tour the Route of the Convents

Tour the Route of the Convents

Go shopping at the Craft Market

Go shopping at the Craft Market

Take a bike tour Maní

Take a bike tour

Taste Yucatecan gastronomy

Taste Yucatecan gastronomy

Visit the Archaeological Zone of Mayapán

Visit the Archaeological Zone of Mayapán

Participate in local festivities in Mani Magical Town

Participate in local festivities

Visit the meliponarios (beekeeping centers)

Visit the meliponarios (beekeeping centers)

Walks and Observation

Highlighted activities in Maní Magical Town

Maní is a small town recommended for resting and disconnecting from the hustle and bustle of cities

Explore the Meliponarios

Explore the Meliponarios

Taste the Poc-Chuc

Taste the Poc-Chuc

Purchase handicrafts

Purchase handicrafts


Beach in Maní Magical Town

Maní, Yucatán is located inland and does not have direct access to beaches. However, there are beautiful beaches in the Yucatán region that are relatively short distances away.

Chicxulub Port

Chicxulub Port

Progreso Port

Progreso Port

Celestún Beach

Celestún Beach

Archaeological wealth

Archaeological Sites in Maní

While Maní itself does not have an archaeological site, there are several nearby places of interest that you can visit:

Mayapan archaeological site


Kabah archaeological site


Uxmal archaeological site


What tours are available in Maní?

Some Tour Agencies in Maní Pueblo Mágico

Tourism travel agency

Turismar | Ticul


Ticul travel agency

Ticul Travel Agency


Tajtal travel agency

Kajtal Travel Agency | Maxcanú

(999) 214 22 88

Where to stay in Maní, Yucatán?

Maní is a small town, and the best options for accommodation are in the surrounding areas

Posada el jardín ticul

Posada El Jardín | Ticul


Puuc Hotel

Puuc Hotel | Oxkutzcab


Un Na'jil Cha'ac Hotel

Uh Na’jil Cha’ac | Ticul


Where to eat in Maní, Yucatán?

Restaurants in Mani Magical Town

prince of tutul-xiu restaurant Maní Magical Town

El Príncipe Tutul Xiu


icafé restaurant Maní Magical Town

icafé Restaurant


El Poc-Chuquero restaurant Maní Magical Town

El Poc-Chuquero


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Maní on the Mayan Train Route

Maní is a fascinating tourist destination in Yucatán, with its rich history, colonial architecture, delicious food, traditional festivities, and the opportunity to explore the natural beauty of the region.